Friday, August 12, 2011

Recent Acquisitions: Two

I was at the mall to buy erasers for my clearance form (big boss middle initial problem) today and came home with these. I had no intentions of going inside Book Sale, but the neatly arranged shelves of wonderful books drew me inside the store. I always pass the store on my way out of the mall and I always resist the urge to hunt for great finds. The bookstore always wins.

  1. Edward Trencom's Nose by Giles Milton. As a self-confessed book hoarder, book covers are what usually attract me. The cheese and the word nose were the things that caught my eye. Upon picking up the book, the other thing I noticed was the cover's texture - it was rough. It felt different and that factor may have added to the probability of me buying the book. I read the summary and BOOM, I didn't care if it was 145php. Also, I have a fascination for odd stories.
  2. The Angle Quickest For Flight by Steve Kotler. I found this book (along with "More") behind the bookshelves and I can't help but think that somebody is trying to hide it. I know you do it sometimes, hiding a rare book to "reserve" it for yourself, the next time you have enough funds to buy it. Anyway, what brought me into buying this book was, yes you guessed it right, the cover. The title also intrigues me. What is the novel all about that it has this title?
  3. More Information Than You Require by John Hodgman. John Hodgman is one of my favorite fake correspondents on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. I used to be an avid watcher of the show when JackTV got a hold of it. I find the satire and puns hilarious though it's mostly about the US politics. I browsed through the pages of the book and I loved how the whole thing is presented. It's made up of pure randomness, quirky musings and made-up facts about random topics. 
The thing I do after buying these books is to go to Good Reads and see the ratings and reviews for the title. I'm glad the latter 2 had so much positive reviews. I'm a bit irked about the ones for Edward Trencom's Nose, but since I like absurdities, I might sit through it. 

See the pattern here? All of these books was bought partly because of their physical appearance. You have to admit, it sometimes help with the marketing of books. An unknown novel with an interesting or cover design has a larger chance to be picked-up by a passer-by than a book with a poorly designed cover. But have you also remembered that time you bought a beautiful looking book and you realized the whole story was crap? I sometimes can't help it when it has such a beautiful design, so I always remind myself to read the blurbs before buying a book. You should too if you have the same problem as mine.


I know all I've been posting are recently acquired books and no reviews, whatsoever. I still haven't finished gathering my thoughts about the latest book I've read and I find it quite hard to use words other than the usual over-used adjectives. Lol, I'm quite clueless really. 

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