Monday, August 1, 2011

Recent Acquisitions: One

Hello sales! What a better way to kick-start a blog but to post about Recent Acquisitions! I made an unplanned visit to National Bookstore because of people hunched over a small discount shelf by the entrance. Then I saw the sign P20. I spazzed, took a deep breath and dived in the sea of curious people. I encountered a funny group of teens rummaging through the piles. They were shouting, "Kunin nyo yung may mga nakalagay na Best-seller sa harap!" (Get the ones with Best-seller printed on the cover). I don't know if they had the intention of reading them all or they're just excited about the books being 20php. I mean, who wouldn't be?

I also had this silly plan on moving "thin" books to the top of my TBR list to increase my count of read books for this year. It may be a form of cheating, but what's wrong with wanting to read more for the year? With this notion in mind, I got hold of  some short but much raved-about titles.
  1. Animal Farm by George Orwell. I still have Orwell's 1984 waiting patiently in my shelf for it's turn. I've heard great things about this book, and it's already a classic. So why pass the chance of getting this one?
  2. The Tempest by William Shakespeare. I've mentioned on my about page that I've never read a work by Shakespeare before. I've browsed through the book and man, it will be such a challenge.
  3. Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer. I asked a stupid question on my Tumblr yesterday about this book. This is one of the series' I've been wanting to read, but never had the chance to (also, funds). I got the book for 50php and I believe they’re not selling the first three books for 50php as well (if they are, they’re probably sold out by now).
  4. Indignation by Philip Roth. What I noticed about the 20 peso pile is that almost 3/4 of them are about war and the army, etc. I got this one because of Philip Roth. I know a little about him, but I know of his famed reputation. Testing out the waters for war fiction.
  5. Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. My favorite buy out of the bunch. It's such a steal! This book for 50php? Ridiculous.
  6. Southtown by Rick Riordan. I might have once said that I'm a Rick Riordan fan. The Percy Jackson series is really good so I thought of trying out his other works. I'm not setting my expectations too high though. 
You may have noticed I left out two books from the stack. Those are books Alki lent me today, so that doesn't really fall under the category of "my purchases". Nonetheless, I'm very excited to read them. The fact that he lent me the books without me asking for it also makes me want to finish them right away. 
  1. My French Whore by Gene Wilder. Gene Wilder! I'm already half-way through this book and loving every bit of it. 
  2. Trash by Andy Mulligan. Next on my TBR list. The summary blurb sounds interesting and I'm fairly curious about the story. 
Oh gosh, I have to get ready for The Manila International Book Fair next month and I need money! How am I supposed to save when these book sales are happening around me?

Hello, if you have stumbled here by accident. How 'bout you tell me about your set of newly hoarded books?  

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